Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Am Walter's Father: Crates and Stares and Stairs, Oh My!

Today, Walter got a bigger crate (right).

He's become fairly substantial now, and he's quite a suck - has something to do with his parents, I believe. He's feeling the heat - I know what it's like to have long hair! - so he spends a lot of time on the cold tile, under the stairs of the deck (below), or panting furiously (everywhere). The deck stairs are going to become a problem very soon; he can fit under them - for now. I have visions of taking a skillsaw* to the deck to try to free my dog, who seems to grow an inch every time he takes a nap. "But Dad," he'll wimper, "I got in here just fine!"

He isn't sure about his change of accomodation - not that he spends much time in his crate, between Kath and I working from home, Karen coming twice a day, and Fran visiting frequently.

He's been getting tremendous attention on the morning walks to Starbucks, despite Hannah's jealousy. I'm used to the stares that Kath and I get; this is new.


*No, I don't like that idea much either.

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