Monday, July 16, 2007

I Am Walter's Father, Day 3: I'm up before my awake time

Sort of the opposite side of 'up past my bedtime'. This little tyke is snoozing at my feet while I sit at the kitchen table. He was full of vinegar when Kath brought him home from his first dark-morning walk (sunrise is not until 5:50, according to the Canadian Government - unless I've screwed up DST again).

Last night John and Christine (dad and mom to) Katie came over with Sasha, their 100lb Bouvier. Sasha is pretty old now, and has a placid demenor; Walter growled and barked at her for a minute - he learned to bark at other dogs from Hannah in just a day, I think - but Sasha didn't care, and that was that. They got along fine after that. Sasha is very maternal.

John and Katie and I ended up outside with Walter and Sasha; Kath and Christine sipped wine inside with Hannah. It was a pleasant evening.

We took Walter out twice in the night - no accidents! We have to work out our new morning routine though - Kath didn''t get him outside quite fast enough this morning. I tried to take him back to bed after his short morning walk, but he was too excited.

He's in his crate right now - not his favorite place to be. He's wimpering, which is heart rending, but we're getting him used to longer times in his crate. Getting us used to it too.

Got to go: time for his next scheduled poop!

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