Sunday, July 15, 2007

I am Walter's Father, Day Two: I remember sleep

Walter doesn't need to remember sleep - he's snuggled up on my ankles, snoozing away. He crawled under a little pillow cave on the sofa before that, so he could rest on my feet. He likes feet. Two months old, and already he has a fetish.

Definitely my son.

I say "I remember sleep" because I haven't had much in the last 24 hours. Last night Kath, my sister, my parents and I all went to a CD launch party (Simply...Panache, Panache Steel Band). I'm on the CD, recorded before Blake died. Hundreds of the faithful from Naparima Alumni Association of Canada (NAAC) were there to celebrate the CD, and Blake, and the Band.

The party was great, but we left my family there at ten - I could have come home with Joy or my parents, but I was eager to see my boy. I waited up with Walter until my parents rolled in at 02:00, a full two hours after Joy got home. Astounding, really. I don't remember my parents ever staying out that late to party.

In any case, I was up in the night with my boy, and took him for a short walk with Kath at 06:00 in the waterworks park across the road. I took him upstairs with me, dried him off (the dew was substantial) and played with him until he passed out. Seeing the deep and insightful brilliance of Walter's plan, I followed it too.

At 10:30, my sister woke me; she described the experience this way: "Stand back. You're waking a rhino." Apparantly I make a very loud snort when I am awakened. Who knew?

I took some time this morning trying to figure out the right address and structure for a blog for me. Sure, my impetus is Walter, but there are many other things that I would like to record and share. This is the result - for now at least.

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