Friday, July 27, 2007

Life: Amazing How Time Flies

...and how painful Jeff's Asskickert c can be.

Domn. It's so hot I can't even type [rpoer;ly;/.

[editorial="Should have read:"] Damn. It's so hot I can't even type propoerly. [/editorial]

I'm spending a rare dinner at Mulligans, before going to clean my house.

Yes, you read it right. Shush!

I'm preparing to rent or sell - not sure which just yet - and need to take care of some outstanding maintenance, etc. Since I've only been at my house once a month (or so) since November last year, there's a lot to do.

Back to the sauce.

[guiness=0] [wings=1] [wimper=continuous]
Jeff is the chief cook at Mulligans, and he's a right bastard.
[wings++] [guiness++]
Yes, Jeff, you're welcome.
He makes a fearsome hot-sauce.
[wings++] [guiness++]
It's very tasty.
It's very (very!) hot (with serious hang time) and a terrible tendancy to make strong humans wimper.
To top it off, he just gave me a bottle of his latest Cerberus Slobber, and Damn.

Have I mentioned the anti-freakishheat properties of Guiness? Guiness is a wondrous balm.

I haven't posted in a bit because life's been a bit ...brisk. Yesterday I kicked a beehive at work (metaphor, people, metaphor). Wednesday I recovered from Monday and Tuesday - a very interesting and useful course called "Problem Solving and Decision Making". I've been bopping between my house and my home (see next post).

Even though I miss my honey and my daughter and my son and my sister in law and her daughter and her son and my home and the beach and Sammy, my life is awesome.

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Kevin Brennan said...

My (non-professional) assessment is that it's a pretty good time to sell, although you're past the peak season.