Monday, July 30, 2007

NSA: Nuclear Turtles Are Surprisingly Invasive

Just to be clear, "NSA" means "non-sequitur alert" and this message is condition tope. Deal with it. You didn't expect my blog to be sensible, did you? Readable, sure. Not the other one.


When I was fifteen, living in Trinidad, and every bit as odd as I am today (if less honed), Mark and I decided, with my sister and Pam, to arrange a gala variety show with my cousins.

It was specterrible, but the adults appauded and the 8mm tapes are lost, so that's okay. It's just that on occassion, for no reason I can identify, something triggers an amygdala-response and the sickening thud of an iron fry-pan impacting my skull to the refrain, "Duck, and Cover" from the classic 1950's paranoia piece, "Bert the Turtle" is ejaculated into my conscious mind.

I didn't say it was pleasant. I choose my words to share the feeling. "Yucky" is the word you're looking for.

Right. You read it, so you're stuck with it too.



MarkAustin said...

I remember that "SHOW" excruciatingly well.

I think I do still have a copy of the evidence somewhere....

Unknown said...

If you do, I will be both gratified and horrified.