Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Libationary Pursuits: Whisky

Today I was asked "What's your poison?" I answered 'whisky', which was easy, and then got curious, which lead to shame and humiliation.

Okay, not that bad, but still.

I learned that (for years) I have been using the word "libidinous" when I meant "libationary". Related? Sure. Same? Not so much. They're esoteric enough that people may have thought I was being clever (but not clever enough to keep that to myself).

Back to whisky. There's a lot of interesting information about the drink, so I thought I'd look at the word at dictionary.com (one of my favorite sites). They say:
  • whisky and vodka have the same etymological root: water.
  • there's no real difference between 'whiskey' and 'whisky'.
  • usquebaugh is the Gaelic word for the drink, and means water of life.
I happen to prefer scotch from Islay, if you're buying.

Next week: In libationary pursuit of Guinness.

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