Friday, August 31, 2007

Life: At least the editorial stance is clear

But that's really searching for the silver lining. Today's National Post front page has a big picture of a Puffin. The headline: "Is this bird a Liberal?" The layout and text were reminiscent of "Is this man a killer?" (Note: the link to the online version of the article is not identical to the print edition.)

Sufficient to capture my attention, I crouched down to read the caption through cloudy, filthy plastic. It said, among other things, that the Puffin is Newfounland's official bird, that a Liberal MP has suggested it as a symbol to represent his party, and that it "...lays one egg a year, flaps it's wings a lot, and hides it's excrement."

I am no fanbay for the Liberals. I apperciate the wit and the sentiment. Oh, and I think editorials should remain on the editorial page.

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