Monday, August 27, 2007

Life: I was sitting in a Tim's down in Miss'auga...

...where it bubbles all the time like a great big carbonated Soda. Es oh dee ay, Soda.

All the references, implied and , are relevant.

I sit sipping, reading and writing for work and the IIBA. A figure: wrinkled and craggy; short and rotund; waddling walk into the shop; long ears; lips pushed up, cheeks pulled down; green tinge.

I spend a busy moment looking for a light saber or Frank Oz or both.

Then, as I examine the profile, I wonder: Yoda or Yodette? I can see only the left side. Gold earring. Old man golf clothes, but with that walk, not a golfer. Feminine shape to the face. Short.

I have no idea. I return to my laptop.

On the exit waddle, I see the person from the right. Much more masculine profile. Merlot shoes. No earring on the right.

Oh, I think. Wrong song; this soundtrack is by the Kinks, not Weird Al.

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