Thursday, August 2, 2007

Life: Shadow and Smeagol and the Coming Conundrum

I want to be an X-Man. Multiple Man, to be exact.

I've been splitting my time between my house and my home while my parents are in Trinidad for a wedding; my cats, Shadow and Smeagol, are there. They stayed with Kath and I for part of the winter, but Shadow was desperately unhappy with Hannah and Sammy (the current cat in the house), and I can't put him in that stressful situation again. Of course that means that I need to find a home for them before winter - a home with no other cats or dogs, so Shadow can be calm.

Feel free to spread the word - two black cats, 8 years old, sweet and friendly. Shadow is a puff-ball (we call him PuffShadow) and Smeagol is an absolute suck. They're not lap-cats - but they will lean against you and purr like crazy.


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