Monday, September 10, 2007

I Am Walter's Father: Adventures in Walking

He's over 30 pounds now (actually, last Saturday).

This afternoon, I took Hannah and Walter over to the waterworks for a romp. In the leash-free, I had a brainwave: I attached a pink-and-black 'hydroball' to the end of Walter's leash while he romped. Hannah was barreling after the Kong while Walter assaulted the ball-onna-string. I swear, he thinks he's a cat.

Later, I took them down to the water. Hannah crashed steadily through the waves, out to the Wubba. Walter chased that same ball - now on the end of a long piece of twine - along the shore and into the water. He even started after Hannah a few times. Bouviers are certainly capable swimmers, but they are herding dogs, not retrievers. Walter is thrilled to chase anything close to the ground. He will sit quietly when I throw a ball - even if it hits his nose. He just doesn't see it.

Regardless, he was having a blast in the water, romping with other dogs, and generally loving life, when a big (my thigh high) wave walloped him. Hannah just powered through it. Walter somersaulted and came up sneezing. I immediately gave him kudos and loves for courage and tumbles - his little tail was working pretty hard when I was done. When I threw the ball he dove in after it without hesitation.

Later, he slipped on the boulders that make the water breaks on the Beach, and wedged himself in. He didn't cry or whimper or panic - though he did look quite confused, lying half on a rock, hind legs in space. He waited calmly while I climbed over him and lifted him out, and then ran around the wall of stone to join Hannah and I on the other side.

What a cute boy!

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