Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Am Walter's Father: The Change

Walter and I share certain characteristics - long legs, long hair, collecting burrs...

Oh. Wait. That last one is all Wally.

His romping and rummaging in the underbrush is a joy to behold - and a horror to repair. He does NOT like being brushed but (again unlike papa), has no trouble with scissors.

...Foreshadowing not subtle enough?

It started with a few surgically removed burrs - mere skirmishes in the coming War. All too soon I realized that there was no middle ground: Walter Must Be Shorn or the Allies Would Die!

If the noise he makes while being brushed are any measure, he is big on hyperbole too - like father...

In my defense, he loves his new 'do, and it will look better after he goes to the groomers this week, and all I had
to work with was a squirming dog and small scissors. I couldn't get it all one length - some burrs were to the skin - but I think he looks pretty good.

You be the judge.

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