Thursday, January 31, 2008

Live Blogging From South Florida Chapter Event

It's a real thrill to be invited to speak at an event like this - more
than 120 BAs and others interested in our profession have gathered for
a social dinner, with presentations on a variety of topics.
- Robert Goldman: President, S. FL Chapter
- Myles Cyr: CIO, Carnival Cruise Lines
- Mike Farasy: Director, TEK Systems
- Julian Sammy: Chief Architect, IIBA

Who knew I would see such exhalted company?

I'll post pics after the event (right back atcha, Glenn!) But for now,
time to schmooze.

Julian Sammy
Chief Architect

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Dr. S Performs a Stinkecktomy

I hate not having a browser on my mobile device (BlackBerry from work) - important questions like the difference between -ectomy and -otomy go unanswered. Both seem to describe the surgical removal or severing of some part of the body, as opposed to -oscopy, which I know is just lookin' around.*

In any case, today's surgery was performed in the O.R. more commonly called "the shower," and the organ being severed was the pungent gland called "skunk to face."
Yep. Waller had his first arboreal encounter with Pepe, and Pepe let him have it. As these things go, Wally was lucky, or Pepe was kind; one small sploit to the face (not the eyes) and the stink was easy to remove with a soap called S.O.S. Seriously good stuff. I did mention to Kath that skunks are nocturnal, and that she may want to re-examine he hours of operation.** Walter spent our special shower time yowling, moaning and generally unhappy, but he was pretty good.

So now I'm on the express bus to a 2h meeting (should just make it) and I REALLY hope that I successfully washed the stink off me, too.
*Definitions based in the terms 'append-', 'lobot-' and 'colon-' respectively.
**I was joking, of course.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Visitor to Morningville

I'm not, as many of you* know, a morning person. It's 9am. Kath has been up for four hours, walked the dogs, cleaned half the house, built a fusion reactor, bridged the divide between quantum mechanics and general relativity, and fixed up the disgruntlements in the Middle East. I made coffee.**

I find myself moving through mornings like a tourist lost in the wrong part of an unstable region: nervous, confused, and hoping to get out alive. Kath is one of the good residents - not one of the fanatical evangelists who blows up and blames the evil night people for our inability to appreciate her time.***

No wonder I love her.

*Okay, both of you.
**Mostly I made the coffee. I ground the beans and put the water in the machine, almost forgot the filter paper - saved that one - then got distracted by Walter and Hannah and forgot to pour the black life-giver. Kath poured it for me. I should add that to the list.

***When's the last time you heard a night person lambaste a morning person for 'wasting the best part of the day'?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Fun Personality Inventory on facebook

This test was well constructed, and I enjoyed taking it. Seems to have reasonable descriptive power (though the FB version is quite scant on the dysfunctional parts of the profile).

The source site - - looks like fun too. You can display your profile in a DNA bar or a block (which I prefer).

Check it out.

Movie Review: Underdog

Kath and I just watched Underdog - and quite liked it. The story was fun, the acting - live and voice - was good, and the CGI is excellent. It's not going to stay with me for the rest of my life, but it was good for a bunch of laughs. Worth renting with your woman, IMHO.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: The Scoob Effect

No, I'm not snarfin' down Scoobie Snax. I picked up the neighbour's dog for the afternoon (Zoe, a.k.a. Moose, Moosorella, Stinkorella, Moosie, Zo-Zo, Sweet Thing, etc.). Zoe and Hannah get on great, but Zoe is 8 or 9, and Walter is 7 months. Zoe starts to get reluctant about coming to the house around 30m down the sidewalk. Then she balks at Walter's licky-licky-wiggle-happy-licky-happy-licky greeting. He's so high on life that he has no clue why the old bitch snaps at him, and then goes to sulk in the corner by the foot of the stairs.

I threw some squeaky toys in the mix to see if they would help Zoe bond with the Waller, but no luck. She looked at him with an expression that clearly said, "Curses, you meddling kid!" I was prompted to write this post when she turned to me and (transcending language) said, "What did I do to you to deserve this?"

Poor girl. I guess she just can't keep up with the young pup. :)


note to self don't let girlfriend read this