Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Dr. S Performs a Stinkecktomy

I hate not having a browser on my mobile device (BlackBerry from work) - important questions like the difference between -ectomy and -otomy go unanswered. Both seem to describe the surgical removal or severing of some part of the body, as opposed to -oscopy, which I know is just lookin' around.*

In any case, today's surgery was performed in the O.R. more commonly called "the shower," and the organ being severed was the pungent gland called "skunk to face."
Yep. Waller had his first arboreal encounter with Pepe, and Pepe let him have it. As these things go, Wally was lucky, or Pepe was kind; one small sploit to the face (not the eyes) and the stink was easy to remove with a soap called S.O.S. Seriously good stuff. I did mention to Kath that skunks are nocturnal, and that she may want to re-examine he hours of operation.** Walter spent our special shower time yowling, moaning and generally unhappy, but he was pretty good.

So now I'm on the express bus to a 2h meeting (should just make it) and I REALLY hope that I successfully washed the stink off me, too.
*Definitions based in the terms 'append-', 'lobot-' and 'colon-' respectively.
**I was joking, of course.

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