Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: At Least He Didn't Suffer...

Walter - Rising...much.
To those of you who panicked when I blogged about the death of Arthur C. Clarke:
I happen to blog about other things on occasion, is all.
Hannah Walter ActionBased on Monday's very challenging lesson, we are walking Hannah and Walter separately. Judy (Let Loose The Hounds) did a lot of the leash work, and will teach me the same on Friday; Kath said it was a revelation for her, and that she had to keep telling herself, "Walter isn't suffering - he's just really stubborn." I'll report the details when I have them first hand.
Hannah did suffer, however; both of them suffer separation anxiety, and walking separately is very challenging for them. On Monday, Kath left first, and Hannah spent the whole walk freaked out that her Mother had abandoned her. Since then, based on Judy's advice, I leave with Hannah before Kath leaves with Walter. Hannah is thrilled - "I get to play with Julian!" - but D'Waller is quite upset. Kath said he sat at the door and moaned and wailed.
Poor thing.
Walter - Shake Baby ShakeWalter - I know I pretty
Walter - Snoozles

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