Monday, March 3, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Day 6 - I Am A Wastrel, Pathetic, Redux

Verse six, repeated: I had a horrible night's sleep, and was a mess at 5:30.  Kath was very kind and let me sleep so I would be functional at work. This backfired for her, into a D- walk for the kids. After yesterdays very successful training, the kids were on a horrendous tear - garbage, running around, not attending, you name it.

On the positive side - and there is one - this morning's walk of horror solidified her understanding that we have to discipline Hannah and Walter now, for the payoff later.

I'll be up for the "walk" tomorrow. I say "walk" because the entire earth will be glazed in ice, and I'm not going to be too agile.


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