Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: The Second Thursday

I have given up with sequential numbering. Too tired in the morning for that sort of silliness.
Last night the kids and I went over to the waterworks to play in the new snow - tons of fun! This morning - another 05:30 for Julian! - we went to the water to romp, and to meet Judy. She took us back up to Queen, where we practiced jogger acceptance with Walter, and sit-and-hold with Hannah.
The difference with Walter and Kath was amazing - she was great, and he responded. One half jump was the sum total of his badness! Kath's attitude was very strong, positive and obvious. Great work!
Okay, I have a meeting so before I go, I'll run 'the best of Wally' for your viewing pleasure.

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