Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Lucifer

Walter - Daddy, I'm tiredIf cleanliness is next to godliness, Walter keeps falling from Grace. Well, falling may not be the right term. It's more that he actively seeks out stenches - to be sprayed by (skunk last Friday), or to roll in (horse manure today). I see a movie title for this story: "Walter - The Fallen" or perhaps "Wally Him Fally"*

Definitely a boy.

Walter After WashingToday is the coldest day of the spring I think (2C). Today, I had the pleasure of scrubbing down Wally in the back yard. Did I mention that we took him to Metro Hound on Sunday and spent well over an hour bathing him? Didn't even last 48 hours. *sigh*

Now Himself is Re-de-stink-omated, which involved a lot of pathetic yelping, much charging around the backyard, and the careful use of a hose. No, not to beat him with, but I was thinking it too.


And, finally, for those of you who despair because there just isn't enough Hannah on my blog:

Hannah's Smile

* Sorry. SPIKE TV had the Jar Jar movies on, and putrescent though it is, his speech pattern is very memorable.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Haiku

Oh, Wally, my boy.
You are so very silly
snapping at the dust.

Oh, Wally, my boy.
You are so very silly
snapping at the dust.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Am Walter's Father: Reskunkomated

I got back from a week away (at the IFL for a serious - and superb - course), and was greeted by Fran with the words, "Smell your son."

"When did he get hit?" I asked.

"This morning, right up the street."

Apparently, he bolted out of Kath's hands, and into the butt of a skunk, again. It's only been a few months since the last incident. I hoped he might have learned his lesson, but nooooooooooooooooooo.  Not Derwaller.

Kath did an excellent job giving him a stinkectomy, and there's barely an odor.

Derwaller is certainly a challenging dog.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bachelorhood: Day OVER!

In an attempt to avoid overly effusive language: Kath got back on Wednesday night. Twenty-odd hours of travel does a bit of a number on her tummy, so she was a bit of a mess on Thursday and Friday.

This morning she woke up, took the dogs for a romp, and SHE IS BACK!




The house feels like a home again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life: Yardwork D O N E for the week!

It's not done, but I am. The plants have a place to grow now that the carpet of oak leaves is gone, and the winter of poop is scooped with the leaves. The house has numbers - finally! - and the little front patio I made last year is warm in the afternoon sun.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bachelorhood Day 11: The Boys, Alone, Again

After our three hour walk this morning, I came home and started to Spring Clean. That wasn't my plan for the weekend, but I have been so overwhelmed with work that I decided to do something that has nothing to do with BMO or IIBA. Hannah will be back later today.

I started with the windows - pulled all the screens from upstairs, climbed out on the roof, and started in with the squeegee. The bathroom window is the worst - difficult to disengage from the mechanism, and hard to reach from inside - but I got it. I hit noon part way through the downstairs windows, so I cooked up some chicken thighs with Tika Masala sauce, and ate it over rice. Gods, I'm making food. What the hell happened?! :)

To set the scene, I'm sitting out front on the little patio I built last year in my green deck chair, with a glass of red wine, and I can see my breath. The weather channel says it's 9C. Walter is on a long leash, beside me, enjoying the sun. I tied him to the stairs, with a length of line that will get him to the sidewalk, but not the street. The sun is warm - warm enough that I am wearing from bottom to top, my white shorts (from Florida), a t-shirt under a sweatshirt, and a Trinidad and Tobago bandana. I kicked off my new blue ducks crocs a few minutes ago. A red SUV with five women in it pauses to turn up Vic Park. The vehicle is tired: a green tongue - a jacket-belt - pants out of the door frame as they drive.

An older native man stops to ask me if I'm working on my tan. We talk for minutes about India and travel and dogs.

John stops by on his way home from the club (he practices karate just up the road  and we have a nice chat. Wally is feeling protective - he leaps down the stairs with a growl to meet John, and later, he has a run at a German Sheppard. Mostly he's getting used to the mass of people wandering by.

Teenagers are completely different and totally the same as when I was one of them. One walks by with a scowl, hoodie, and cello in a backpack. A herd* of teens graze** by, wearing all manner of interesting hair and clothes, including one effeminate boy in a Batman t-shirt with matching bat-belt-buckle. Impressive.

Okay, it's time for me to get back to work. My wine is done (a glass to sip while I watch the world go by and listen to podcasts and type) and I need to finish up before mom and dad and Joy get here.


*The collective noun for teens of mixed sex. Girls are a 'gaggle' and boys are a 'bluster'.
**"Meander" seems a bit too lah-de-dah for teens.

Science! 1306 EST 2008-04-05

And now the reflection is gone.

Science! 1259EST 2008-04-05

The angle of the sun on this day at this time is such that an intense reflection is beaming into our house, from the roof-top windows on the water station. Neat!

I Am Walter's Father: Joggers, Joggers Everywhere...

...And Not A Thigh to Bite.

There is an annual spring sprint on the Beach, starting at the end of the boardwalk (Trillium Trail, Station 10). The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and Wally is being *very* good. We're hanging out at the start/finish line, which has a lot of action - dogs and people. I'm chillin' wit Derwaller, watching the action. Hannah's over at Karen's at the moment - I asked her to take the girl Friday night.

Signing off to play now. :)