Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Travel: Escape to New York - Day One, Morning Two

The Drive

Drive first because I need to think about how I describe Meeting The Father. :)

Although I can't find it on any maps, there appears to be a state called "timeless" between home and anywhere else. I drove through it yesterday. No, obviously, I don't know how long it took to cross! I know the total travel time from Toronto to Poughkeepsie, NY was nine hours. I couldn't tell you what happened during any of the actual minutes, though.

  • Just after I took over the wheel a pickup truck right in front of us dropped a large coiled yellow hose on the highway. Hard braking (with two dogs in mind) and a hard swerve over the shoulder got us past with no damage. Quite exciting, really.
  • Driving past Kath's childhood on the last leg of the journey (she was very excited about seeing her dad, so the last part of the trip was rather quick, over winding, vertiginous roads).
Meeting The Father

Let's start with the house. It's big, on a large grass-and-trees lot. Like Kath's house, it is a comforting balance of cosy closeness and bright open space. It is sparse, but by no means empty.

I see where Kath gets it. No, not any particular 'it' - all of it. Bill has a gruff voice, and a definite walk. He cooks the way she does, and sits quietly and comfortably for hours, doing his own thing.

Edit: 2012-12-25 in Poughkeepsie, NY

I never published this blog post, oh so many years ago. I wan't sure how to end it. Now, with half a decade of experience, I am sure.

  1. I have no recollection of the hose on the road. Welcome to memory-is-stupidville, population you, me, and everyone else.
  2. The Father is six (or so) years older now. He sits more, is just as introverted, and loves his family very much.
  3. That 'it' that Kath has? I see her whole family having different aspects of it. They're lovely, and I love them, and it's been wonderful to get to know them over the last six years.
  4. Two dogs are now three: where once Hannah and Walter ruled, now Jake insinuates. (Hannah is almost ten, Walter is 6, and Jake is 10 1/2. Also, Fran has Maggie and Harry (having lost Luke and Grommit) and Bill and Sandy have Brody. Yes, six dogs between us.)
  5. My daughter Livé (OMGADAUGHTER!) is in Norway with d'Mommas. I had a lovely chat with Livé and Anita today - Holly was off-screen.
  6. Mateo is about 8 months old. Hugo (the second of two men in Joy's life today that were not in her life when the blog began!) are well. Like his father, Mateo is filled with laughter. Seriously. I'm not sure there's room for anything else in that boy. Except wee and poo. :)
...and since I don't want to end this post with 'poo' I'll say, happy holidays, merry Christmas, and general family delight!

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