Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gaben is a Business Nerd

I just listened to the Nerdist podcast #307 — a deep dive into the philosophy, insights, and ideas of +Gabe Newell , co-founder of +Valve, with a little bit about the games tossed in.  +Chris Hardwick interviews Gabe (also known as Gaben), and his girlfriend +Chloe Dykstra chimes in too. (Episode #306 is the reverse — a deep dive into the games with some thoughts on the business tossed in. +Wil Wheaton is along for that ride, and asks a lot of really good questions.)

As I noted in my last post about +Ingress , I'm not a gamer — but I really enjoyed both of these interviews. On the business side, Gaben talks about the fundamental forces and constraints that have driven the structure of modern business, and the disruptions that have transformed business over the last few decades.

Both episodes are worth listening to. Gaben speaks as a gamer,  a consumer,  a thinker,  a futurist, a fanboy, a creator, a storyteller, and as a person.

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