Thursday, January 10, 2013

How deep is the rabbithole? I'm playing Ingress.

As a rule I avoid video games. For me the options are polar: play games or have life + relationship + family + job + productivememberofsociety + happiness + ... My problem is, I get engrossed. Even bad games can pull me in, in an obsessive way.

So I avoid them. Usually.

+Ingress has my attention.

Today I played for the first time. The app is buggy  (three-day-old-meat-in-the-sun buggy) and the game mechanics are confusing. Heck, I couldn't even figure out if the portal I was hacking was controlled by the #Enlightened or the #Resistance (one team is blue; the other is green - but who is who?), but I hacked the shit out of it, it did. I even got invited to meet up with some other #Ingressors, to take down a portal and level up (I'm just Level 1).

The great thing about this game is that I had to walk around to make this happen. I take dogs on jaunts twice a day. Today we were snooping down alleys for crumbs of dark energy; we circled the Beach library half a dozen times; I saw parts of my neighbourhood I'd never seen before.

Now that's cool. It's not a video game. It's an augmented reality game, with enormous possibilities. If #GoogleGlass is even a tiny bit as good as it could be, this game is going to


fun, for a lot of people.

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