Friday, December 20, 2013

Ancient History - History of the BACCM

I was thumbing through old notebooks looking for lyrics to songs I wrote years ago, when I came across these pictures. I let out a bit of a whoop - I'd forgotten the careful drawing I'd done while attempting to formulate the model now called the Business Analysis Core Concept Model. The first picture - with the KAs embedded in it - was from 2011.

As it was first conceived, the model was called the 'Change Framework', and had just three core concepts: Need, Change, and Solution. Stakeholders were noted as having some relationship to a need - but that was all. Our original thinking had a significant process focus, showing the rough timing of Tasks in the various KAs.

Over the months, this evolved. We dropped the process ideas and focussed on the concepts, fleshing them out, adding Value and then Context.

We tried several configurations - not just the turtle diagram - including considering Change as a central, or primary concept. Eventually we realized that broke the model, and we settled back on the turtle.

The dice at that bottom are the latest version of the BACCM, showing all six core concepts and their relationships. They were a big hit at BBC 2013 - and they're useful too.

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